Independent Instructors

Independent Instuctors

  • Independent teachers must be approved by Shall We Dance management
  • Independent teachers must sign a contract before teaching at Shall We Dance
  • Includes dance floors, restrooms, music in cooperation with other lessons and instructors
  • Independents agree not to interfere with, or instruct Shall We Dance staff or students, in or outside of Shall We Dance.
  • Space used must be cleaned up (i.e. cups, paper, and personal items, etc.) when finished
  • May teach only during regular Shall We Dance business hours.
  • May not use vulgar language, or any negative or illegal behavior at Shall We Dance
  • Renter assumes all liability for damages, theft, or injury that may occur with their students
  • Independents agree to record and pay for all lessons before they are taught
  • Independents agree to be kind, respectful and courteous to everyone at Shall We Dance
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